magyar / english  

My name is Csaba Forrás and my stage-name
is Mr. Fontana.
I was born on 29th August 1957, in Budapest.

After finishing my studies I was qualified as a toolmaker, and later, in 1975, I passed my final examination at secondary school. Although I started working in my original profession, I did not give up my childhood dream to work as a juggler.

I had had this desire of mine since the age of ten. Then, after watching a TV programme, I tried to balance different objects and while my friends kept dropping everything, I could do it so easily without an effort, that since then I have been practising juggling regularly.

Then the steady self-education had its result.

In 1983 I entered a national talent show (with 70,000 other people) organised in every five years, and won the first prize in the category of 'Others'. The success has totally changed my life, and by acquiring the certificate in juggling (1984), I have become a professional performer.

After winning the talent show I had the opportunity to perform in popular TV shows (with Udo Jürgens and others) and have won the first prize of an artiste festival abroad. I also gave successful performances in well-known revue theatres in Budapest and all over the world and also on luxury cruisers.

I am glad to have the opportunity to do what I love and I am proud to have achieved it all with my own resources.